Lis Melgarejo

Project planning, supervision and technical services

Lis Melgarejo Arquitectos is an architect and engineer workshop, offering all of the services needed fot the realization of private and commercial building projects. Lis Melgarejo Arquitectos offers taylor made services and emphasizes the intercommunication with the client when realizing his ideas.

Lis Melgarejo Arquitectos has participated in the realization of hotels, hospitals, luxury houses, apartments and infrastructure projects.

Interior and corporate design

The interior design projects of Lis Melgarejo Arquitectos show her particular creativity and sensibility to combine the essence of the Mediterranean with the ideas and demands of the client.

Lis Melgarejo Arquitectos designs logos and utility objects to strengthen the corporate identity of your company.

Supervision and international planning projects

Lis Melgarejo Arquitectos offers also supervional and consultancy services. Furthermore, Lis Melgarejo Arquitectos organizes the work of those participating in projects and on the building site.

Lis Melgarejo Arquitectos works together with foreign decision makers and planners within in frame of the realization of foreign projects in Spain.